We're proud to offer a variety of different tile and grout restoration services for Metro Detroit and Southeast Michigan.

Please take a look below to learn more about the services that we offer -



We use a powerful alkaline cleaner designed to effectively remove soap scum, grease, food and drink stains, light hard water deposits, dirt and soil off tile, cultured marble, grout etc. Our cleaner penetrates deep to thoroughly clean grout, tile floors, walls, countertops and even removes most mold and mildew stains off all your shower surfaces. The cleaning process prepares your grout to be sealed and protected by our high quality Epoxy sealant.



The grout used with your tile is extremely porous, so it absorbs nearly all liquid and dirt that comes its way. By sealing your grout, you are preemptively stopping water and dirt from penetrating. Diamond Grout will give you multiple recommendations and options on what's best for your grout. 



Grout is a form of concrete that is used to fill the gaps in between tile. Your typical grout is generally a mixture of water, cement and sand. Even though grout is strong, it doesn't like movement. When movement occurs grout becomes weak, and its not uncommon for the grout to crack and crumble. This can be an eye sore as well as cause damage to the subflooring or underlayment. 

Tile Replacement


Tile can become chipped, cracked or completely destroyed in some cases. Our highly trained team will remove the tile, clean up old thin-set mortar, scrape all excess grout from surrounding tile and replace with new tile.

Note: Customer must have replacement tile.  


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You can avoid cracked grout where tile meets tile or tile movement joints by replacing these areas with silicone caulk. Over time, silicone becomes discolored, starts peeling or develops holes. All of which can lead to mildew and mold forming or in extreme cases, cause water leaks. We recommend customers have caulk removed and replaced every 1-2 years