We are proud to showcase our recent tile and grout restoration jobs.

All work pictured was done across Metro Detroit and Southeast Michigan.

Birmingham MI, Complete Shower Restoration





Customer's shower had large amounts of calcium build up, missing grout and mildew build up on grout and tile. 

Clarkston MI, Bathroom Floor Deep Clean and Seal

clarkston 2 before.jpg


clarkston 2 after.jpg


Hallway bathrooms receive heavy foot traffic which causes the grout and tile to get dirty faster. Our high end epoxy sealant will help keep the grout clean and looking new for years to come. 

Troy MI, Kitchen Floor Restore



Our customer's Kitchen tile grout was broken, worn and discolored. 


New Grout Lines

Our team carefully cleaned and re-grouted cracked areas. 



We sealed the floor with our high grade pigmented epoxy to ensure a long lasting and beautiful finish.

Rochester Hills, MI - Kitchen Floor Remodel

laura gerek angle 2.jpg

Deep Clean

New color Epoxy

We removed cracked grout areas on this job and deep cleaned all the tile and grout. We patched all missing grout areas with our special epoxy grout. We changed the color of grout with our epoxy from a dirty light brown to dark gray (pewter).

laura gerek delorean gray full kitchen.jpg

After Polish

Gloss Finish

The floor is now grout water resistant, mold resistant and easier to clean. We gave the floor a quick polish and removed any haze. The end result is a simply stunning finish that shines.

Macomb, MI - Master Bathroom Shower Refinish

keith ball shower 2.jpg

We removed all caulk in shower base and vertical. We deep cleaned all tile and grout in the shower, in preparation for the next step.

keith ball after shower 2.jpg

We replaced the caulk around base/verticals of the shower. We patched missing grout with our special epoxy grout. 

keith ball shower floor after.jpg

We sealed the grout with our premium epoxy sealant giving the grout a fresh new look and finished with a quick polish which removes any haze from tile.

Birmingham, MI - Entry Walkway Refinish


The entry walkway of every house receives a lot of wear and tear. As you can see here, the grout lines are noticable because of the discoloration.


New Grout Lines

Our team carefully cleaned and re-grouted cracked areas.


We sealed the floor with our high grade pigmented epoxy to color match the tile work. The end result is gorgeous and truly brings new life back into the entry walkway.